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The following items are full length "premium" video lessons. All premium content will be available for fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase.

Preperation for the New NHL
Presenter: Kevin McCarthy Carolina Hurricanes
Duration: 31:29
Cost: $9.95

Learn how teams are adjusting to the new NHL
Defensive Zone Coverage
Presenter: Perry Pearn - Assist. Coach NY Rangers
Duration: 45:31
Cost: $9.95

Perry Pearn discusses the concepts of Defensive Zone Coverage
Offensive Support Concepts
Presenter: Barry Smith - Assoc. Coach, Phx. Coyotes
Duration: 36:14
Cost: $9.95

Barry Smith discusses the concepts of Offensive Support and offers some simple drills to improve your team
Express Yourself on Offense
Presenter: Wayne Fleming - Calgary Flames Assistant Coach
Duration: 39:58
Cost: $9.95

Wayne Fleming, Assistant Coach of the Calgary Flames and long time coach with Hockey Canada talks about developing Offensive creativity while at the same time providing sound Defensive principles for your team's success.
Coaching Insights
Presenter: Scotty Bowman - Hall of Fame Coach
Duration: 10:06
Cost: $4.95

Insights from legendary Hall of Fame coach Scotty Bowman on the importance of Attitude.
Road to the Cup
Presenter: John Tortorella - Lightning Head Coach
Duration: 48:10
Cost: $9.95

Join John Tortorella and Craig Ramsey of the Tampa Bay Lightening as they relive their journey on the Road to the Stanley Cup in 2004.
Teaching Hockey Sense
Presenter: Mike Sullivan - Former Head Coach, Boston Bruins
Duration: 46:58
Cost: $9.95

Mike discusses using small area games to teach game understanding.