sportBOARD for iPad

It's time to retire the old whiteboard!

Toss the whiteboard and be prepared before the game starts!

Pre-draw your plays or situations and quickly show your players where to be and what to do.

All of your diagrams are saved on your iPad so you don't need to be on WiFi to access them

Draw like you're used to with a whiteboard - but FASTER!

Don't fumble for that eraser or old cloth, tap a button and clear the diagram.
You can even use the Apple Pencil!

Share with your team or social network!

Email, Text, Share! Get your diagrams to your team members or share them with the world.
sportBOARD diagram
Email your diagram Email your diagram
Send your diagram via Message Email your diagram
Plus others...

Select the player symbols that suites your needs...

sportBOARD player symbols
Got some time and want to add some detail? Use the player icons and rotate them to show direction!

Outta time? Then use the X's and O's or labeled circles.

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